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The latest online issue of Practical Gastroenterology is August 2018.

Editorial Calendar 2018

January GUILD Issue

The Microbiome and Disease

The Microbiome: Cure for Lime Disease

IBD: A Practical Approach

C.difficile Management in the Elderly IBD Patient

Nutrition Issues in Gastroenterology

Nutrition Considerations in Amyloidosis

A Special Article

Arsenic Levels in Celiac Patients

February Issue

Frontiers in Endoscopy

Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Gallbladder Drainage

Dispatches From the GUILD Conference

Immuonomodulator and Biologic Therapy in the Patient with Infection and Malignancy

From the Literature

Natural History of Severe Acute Liver Injury

March Issue

Dispatches From the GUILD Conference

Recent Developments in Ulcerative Colitis

The Microbiome and Disease

The Microbiome: Treatment for Obesity

Nutrition Issues in Gastroenterology

Alcoholic Hepatitis: The Importance of Nutrition

Frontiers in Endoscopy

Radio Frequency Ablation of the Bile Duct

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